LUMINA Training

Lumina Spark is the latest innovation in professional development and assessment tools as it breaks free from the world of dry, out-of-date psychometrics and stereotyping personality tests. This is even more necessary given that as businesses today are so diverse and dynamic, any solutions must be equally complex and robust.

We’ve found that every individual possesses opposing personality traits. Our tools aid personal development by assisting others in embracing all of their uniqueness and working to build on their strengths and while examining their weaknesses. Our work clearly indicates that individuals who are willing to look inside and embrace their own diametrically opposed personality traits can significantly improve their personal effectiveness and enhance performance.

It is an excellent tool for those organizations looking for new and exciting ways to enhance the working relationships, but are skeptical of the benefits and ethics behind today’s assessment tools. Lumina Spark will give you, your business and your people the solutions you are looking for.

One of the unique aspects of Lumina Learning’s approach is the humanistic idea of embracing paradox. For example, in any department there can be team members who seem to have diametrically opposed personality traits. When they can value each other’s differences, teamwork can flourish, rather than clash. Therefore, Lumina’s tools can help solve issues that the organization may be facing by resolving conflicts and by helping teams to work together harmoniously, leading to increased productivity.

At L&M we are expert practitioners of the Lumina Spark program and will customize a coaching and development program that meets your needs. Our collaborative approach will increase engagement, create greater awareness towards the differences that exist within your organization, and provide actionable coaching to improve the relationships that drive greater business continuity, unlocking growth in new areas.