Selling Story Development

There are many moving parts and pieces to a well-run, successful consumer products manufacturer, but some nuances can take years to develop and longer to confidently implement. One of these core issues is the cohesion and clarity that is created through selling story development. Many people are very skilled at creating presentations and delivering them to retailer partners; however, each person or team has competing priorities and differing voices.

This disparate focus can cause cost overruns, delays, or missed sales and as a manufacturer grows and the amount of team members touching a selling story increases, the likelihood that the voice, the focus, or the goal morphs. Continuity is especially critical at the initial stages of product launches and retailer interactions. Creating one cohesive message per platform that addresses multiple needs can be the difference in growing at a faster rate than the competition.

At L&M, we focus on three areas to help our partners create impactful presentations that can be delivered to multiple customers, with minimal customization and maximum efficiency. We build the base sales decks that are usable at multiple customers, develop retail activation plans that help capitalize on key sales or marketing initiatives, and create concise presentations through information synthesis using many disparate sources.

Our five-step model starts with a focus on why the retailer should care, rather than centering on the product pitch – creating clarity around key objectives and identifying opportunities. Our model is proven to gain alignment at the highest levels of retail, elevating the partnership and opening the door for a greater level of discussion. This focus helps our smaller manufacturer partners save time, save money and exponentially improve their prospects of gaining new distribution, blocking competitive entries, and exploiting market opportunities before anyone else.