Shopper Marketing

As Category Management practices have evolved into reactionary recommendations from the largest manufacturers, Shopper Marketing is growing in importance. Rather than focusing on what should be on shelves and the placement in store, many manufacturers are finding strong ROI by turning their attention to the shopper and where they are at in the purchase journey. The generally accepted name for this journey is known as a Path to Purchase.

Without a strong grounding in shopper marketing principles, simply creating a Path to Purchase for a single shopper set can be costly and lead to a false positive at shelf. Within one set of shoppers there can be many differing reasons that they put your product in the cart versus your competition.

The other challenging dynamic for most manufacturers is defining Shopper Marketing and how to make it effective. This question is usually driven by brand marketing executives and the default answer is that it builds brand equity or builds a reason to believe. However, that could not be further from the truth of what successful Shopper Marketing is and how to leverage it for the greatest return on investment.

The core of Shopper Marketing is delivering a reason to buy that influence purchase behaviors because they are rooted in foundational shopper insights and the emotional triggers that motivate someone to purchase. This split from a brand marketers view of the shopper, where building equity, awareness, and consideration are cornerstones, is the largest opportunity for those manufacturers who want to stay ahead of the marketplace and deliver winning solutions at retail.

At L&M, we have a strong bias towards the “Reason to Buy”. It is foundational to our work in Shopper Marketing, helping our manufacturer partners realize a significantly higher ROI than their peer set. By changing the value equation, we help unlock the reason to buy and identify purchase barriers at key touchpoints. Not only is it possible to impact that sale today, but properly executed a successful Shopper Marketing program has the capability to create long term habit change with that shopper.